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Can anyone come on the tours?

You do not need any previous experience or knowledge to come on our tours. They are designed to introduce visitors to the history and exploration of mid-Wales' mining industry, as well as welcoming experienced explorers and specialists.

What should we bring?


Hard hats and lighting will be provided for all underground tours. All you need to bring are suitable clothes for walking on the surface and/or underground. Waterproofs are recommended. All underground tours contain some water on the floor of the tunnels for short distances, you may wear wellingtons, waders or walking boots. Be prepared to get a little wet!

How physically difficult/challenging are the tours?

We offer a selection of tours ranging from easy to moderately challenging. The tours involve no climbing underground but there are some steep paths to follow on the surface at times. Details can be found in the description of each trip on our Tours and Prices page, or contact us for further information.

Are there facilities on site?

All Mid Wales Mine Adventures tours start on location from car parks at the mine sites. There are no toilet facilities, food or drink available, so please come prepared. The exact starting locations will be specified in your confirmation booking email/phone call.

What happens if we don't feel comfortable underground?

Your guide will only take you to safe locations both under and overground. However if at any point you do not feel comfortable and would like to leave then your guide will be more than happy to escort you back to the meeting point. Guides will run through the content and challenges of each tour, as described on our Tours and Prices page, before starting.

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